AmiOTA was designed and developed by the Amivox team.  From working with a list of operators we realized there was a strong need for a cost effective OTA service managing  SIM and mobile devices.

Industry Veterans

The Amivox team is a team of telecom industry veterans.  Working for MNOs, MVNOs, SP, ISPs and OTT providers around the globe.

Time to Market

We are used to deliver solutions and services. We run a strict project delivery procedure.  We know how important it is to deliver in time and how critical such a delivery can be in terms of cost and resources.

Technical Background

The team is very experienced in the field of telecommunication and software development.  This experience helps us to tackle even the most complicated problems with assured stepwise approach.

Customer Support

The Amivox teams has experience in running and maintaining Tier 1 telecom platforms.  We understand when a situation is critical and we strive to support our customer for the absolute best result.

Why AmiOTA was developed

Over the years we as a team have tackled many challenges in the field of SIM card management.  We did realized that many MNOs and MVNOs don’t have the purchase power to invest in an expensive platform like a traditional SIM OTA. Not having access to SIM OTA is like not buying an insurance. While nothing happens is great but if something happens things can go really bad!

Realizing this we decided to develop a light version of OTA which would use some of the cloud computing advantages and mix it with GSM core network elements. With this unique combination we have been able to build a very flexible platform which is very cost effective and secure at the same time.

This means MNOs and MVNOs now have an alternative to the traditional SIM OTA heavy investment path and the alternative is more flexible, easier to scale, easier to implement and last but not least much cheaper.

  • Faster Implementation Time 80%
  • Less Internal Resources 65%
  • More Flexbile 75%
  • Less Expensive 90%

Amivox Founders

Birkir Marteinsson

Birkir Marteinsson

M.Sc. EE and founder

Birkir is the CEO of Amivox. Birkir has been working in various fields of the mobile industry since 1998. You can look closer on his past experience by viewing his LinkedIN profile on the link below

Arnar Gestsson

Arnar Gestsson

M.Sc. EE and founder

Arnar is the CTO of Amivox. Arnar is a software veteran working in the telecom and software industry since 1993.You can look closer on his past experience by viewing his LinkedIN profile on the link below

Árni Guðmundur Hauksson

Árni Guðmundur Hauksson

Ph.D. and founder

Árni is the COB of Amivox. Árni has since 1993 been working for large international companies both in the telecom and financial industry. You can look closer on his past experience by viewing his LinkedIN profile on the link below