AmiOTA – Smart OTA Platform


Flexible and Secure

AmiOTA is secure, scalable and supports medium and large installations. AmiOTA is by design modular and light and can delivered in a fully hosted mode, hybrid mode or in a standard platform mode.

For MNOs and MVNOs

The platform supports MNOs requirements for an on site platform by providing a secure onsite OTA element. MVNOs can buy AmiOTA subscription and be served by a fully hosted OTA, in line with their virtual network strategy.

Multiple Card Vendors

Amivox fits very well for operators running a multi-vendor card strategy. Such a strategy is cost effective when negotiating for a low card price from several vendors. AmiOTA can help to keep the SIM management cost down when working with multiple card vendors.


By default the AmiOTA supports GSM 03.48 and TS 23.048 security standard for OTA data transfer

Supports both File and Applet updates




Smart Roaming update is one typical application where sim card is used to steer roaming customers towards the correct network when in roaming. Smart Roaming can be either applet based, elementary files based (PrePLMN), signaling based or in some cases a combination of these.

OTA SIM activities where the platform can both encode OTA sent messages and decode received messages from OTA based applications. There can be many different kinds of service interactions or updates based on SIM activities.

SIM info update like service provider name, change of SMSC number or service number updates are just part of the many information updates which can be made with the AmiOTA

Bulk OTA Updates

AmiOTA supports group OTA updates via a bulk sending interface. The interface allows the administrator to set campaign specific parameters like IMSI ranges, MSISDN ranges, card profiles, card states, transmission throttling, retry profile and timing.  During or after a campaign the administrator can view campaign status and final result, typically a status of sent messages, pending, deleted and successfully delivered

Card Database

The platform supports card profile upload, management and rebuild. This functionality is important when new card profiles are activated or a set of modified cards are distributed to customers. The platform keeps a real time status view on each cards stored within the system. When individual cards are updated the card info in the card database is updated accordingly.

Responsive Admin Interface

All user interfaces are browser based and all interfaces are responsive hence touch screen friendly.  With system admins using a variety of devices for management its important to support access from all device types in a secure mode.

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