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gsmOTA – Smart SIM OTA – M2M and Consumer Platform

Why gsmOTA was developed

Over the years we as a team have tackled many challenges in the field of SIM card management.  

We soon realized that many MNOs and MVNOs don’t have the purchase power to invest in an expensive platform like a traditional SIM OTA.

Not having access to SIM OTA is like not buying an insurance. While nothing happens is great but if something happens things can go really bad!

Realizing this we decided to develop a light version of OTA which would use some of the cloud computing advantages and mix it with GSM core network elements. With this unique combination we have been able to build a very flexible platform which is very cost effective and secure at the same time.

This means MNOs and MVNOs now have an alternative to the traditional SIM OTA heavy investment path and the alternative is more flexible, easier to scale, easier to implement and last but not least much cheaper.

gsmOTA has it’s root in the SaaS domain with full API support on all integration points. 

Flexible and Secure

gsmOTA is secure, scalable and supports medium and large installations. gsmOTA is by design modular and light and can delivered in a fully hosted mode, hybrid mode or in a standard platform mode.

MNOs, MVNOs, MNP, SP etc.

The platform supports MNOs requirements for an on site platform by providing a secure onsite profile element. MVNOs can buy gsmOTA subscription and be served by a fully hosted OTA, in line with their virtual network strategy.


Multiple Card Vendors

gsmOTA fits very well for operators running a multi-vendor card strategy. Such a strategy is cost effective when negotiating for a low card price from several vendors. gsmOTA can help to keep the SIM management cost down when working with multiple card vendors.


By default the gsmOTA – Sim OTA supports GSM 03.48 and TS 23.048 security standard for OTA data transfer